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Bathroom Installation Huntingdon


Bathroom Installation Huntingdon

Jack, one of our Apprentices has been busy with a bathroom installation for one of our existing customers. We are delighted with the progress he has made over the last 3 years and also the great feedback he has been getting:

“We recently engaged Eco Installer to refit our cloakroom in Huntingdon.  Jack turned up on time at 8.30am with the selected toilet, basin and taps.  He removed the existing toilet and fittings and did a fabulous job of tidying up the old pipework under the sink.  The installation was completed promptly and to our entire satisfaction.  I would highly recommend and will use them for any future plumbing and electrical works”. Mr Scott



4kW Solar Installation on a Narrow Boat


4kW Solar Installation on a Narrow Boat

Summer 2015

4kW Solar installation on a narrow boat

Payback period:
7.5 Years

Project details:
We met Les when exhibiting at the Haddenham Steam Rally. He explained that he already had solar panels on portakabins by his house and asked the question if it would be possible to install a solar array on his narrow boat which he had taken out of the water and turned in to an office/chandlery.

Following a visit to the Earith Marina, Roly felt with careful planning the solar installation could take place. Roly calculated 16 panels could be neatly installed side by side producing 4kW’s of electricity per annum. We recommended Perlight Delta Black Mono Crystalline Panels which have excellent build quality and Superb Performance levels.  Consideration for the roof fixtures was very important to ensure there was minimal impact on the roof.

Les was pleased with the design and quote received. The installation took our Engineers just 5 days to complete. As Les was unable able to get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the boat, he was unable to apply for the higher rate Feed-in Tariff (FiT). However with the constant requirement for electricity at the Marina, all the electricity produced would be used providing a payback period as good as any other installation we have done.

Our Engineers enjoyed this different type of installation, its great seeing solar panels being used in different ways other than on the roof of a house or commercial property. Solar installations on boats are becoming more popular as people become increasingly self-sufficient. If you would like to find out more, please give us a call on 01353 669000 or e-mail


Bathroom Installation, Willburton, Ely


Bathroom Installation, Willburton, Ely


June 2015

Project Details:

Existing customers Vicky and Steve contacted us when they planned to update their current bathroom. Shane visited their home, and between them all they came up with the perfect design. The bath, sink and toilet were replaced, a towel rail and radiator was added. As the bathroom was darker than they liked, our engineers Tom and Jack neatly knocked a hole in the wall and installed a window allowing natural light to flow though.

The client tells us that Tom and Jack did a fantastic job providing another very satisfied customer


“Happy to have used Eco Installer to do our bathroom having used the guys for our heating and solar panels. The guys are good and we are happy to leave unattended at our house. The install took longer than we expected for the bathroom.

One minor mistake with the shower was bought to our attention and all was rectified. Honesty and integrity is important and means a lot to me as a customer. We are happy with the end product and both my wife and I enjoy working with the Eco Installer team.”

20150707_110735 Before-after-bath-Eco-Installer-Cambs before-after-sink-eco-installer-ely

Government funding is running out!


Government funding is running out!

Government funding for renewable energy is running out, act now before it is too late

Thinking about buying a biomass boiler? If you want to secure the best rate of payment for generating your own heat then you need to act now.

Time is running out to get the highest tariff rates for a biomass boiler under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The tax-free, index linked quarterly payment to owners of MCS approved renewable energy heating and hot water systems was launched in April 2014 for domestic customers and November 2011 for commercial customers. Since the launch of the RHI the tariffs have been reduced significantly:

Domestic Biomass installations

April 2014            –              12.2p per kWh

July 2015              –              7.14p per kWh

Commercial Biomass installation (under 200kW)

April 2014            –              8.94p per kWh

July 2015              –              4.4p per kWh

The tariff for domestic biomass installations fell from 12.2p to 10.98p on 1 January 2015, to 8.93 from 1 April 2015 and then to 7.14 from 1 July 2015.

The rate for both domestic and non-domestic installations has reduced by almost 50% in just over a year and will continue to reduce until all funding has run out.

Please note: biomass stoves are still classed as “legacy” installations. Applications must be submitted before 31st July to achieve the higher rate of 12.2p/kWh.

How to apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive?

Before applying for the scheme, you need to have a Green Deal assessment which looks at the energy efficiency of your home. You must also have your new heating system fitted by a Microgeneration Certification Scheme-accredited installer (up to 45kW only). Following the installation, you log on to the OFGEM website and fill out the application form; our team will assist with this.  (

How much can I earn though the RHI?

The amount you can earn though the RHI depends on the type of heating system you choose and how much energy you generate. The RHI payment can cover air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and solar thermal panels.

Eco Installer, your Local MCS Approved Energy Efficiency Team

Act now and give our team in Ely, Cambridgeshire a call on 01353 669000 to find out how much you can earn from the Government scheme before the funding runs out. Alternately please e-mail your Green Deal assessment to and we will be able to give you an approximate calculation.

18kW Warmflow Biomass Boiler, Cambridge


18kW Warmflow Biomass Boiler, Cambridge

Summer 2015

18kW Warmflow Biomass Boiler

5 Years

Project details:

Andrew and Kathryn’s recent Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) indicated that their current heating system was not very energy efficient. The under sized existing electric boiler wasn’t meeting the family’s heating and hot water requirements. As the house wasn’t being heated properly, there was a risk of mould and damp problems developing.

During the solar installation on the roof of their family home, Andrew asked if we could provide a solution to update their current heating system. Roly discussed the possibility of installing another wood burner with the existing electric boiler or a Log Gasification boiler but due to space and on-going demands this wasn’t a suitable option. An Air Source Heat Pump could have been a possibility but Andrew wasn’t keen on upgrading all their radiators.

There was an outside space almost hidden behind the family home where the solar inverter was placed; having an external biomass boiler in the same area was agreed. This would give good connections between the boiler, hot water tank and radiator pipe with minimum disruption.

Roly calculated a 18kW biomass boiler was required to meet the family’s heating and hot water demands. With a reputation for quality and reliability, high energy efficiency and weather proof casing, an external Warmflow Biomass Boiler was recommended.

With the built-in 120 kilogram hopper, Andrew and Kathryn can expect to refill the boiler with wood-pellets every 7 to 10 days depending on heating requirements. The convenience doesn’t stop there as the system has automatic burner cleaning, de-ashing and modulation power output all at an affordable price.

Andrew was particularly impressed with the user-friendly controls that let him know when the pellets are running low, when the ash box requires emptying, and that everything is okay with the system in general.

Andrew and Kathryn will look forward to enjoying a warmer home, with lower heating bills and a boiler that provides an income every time it runs!


“We have for several years been dissatisfied with the heating of our property. It was provided by an electric boiler charged overnight on Economy 7 and heating the rooms through conventional water filled radiators. The capacity of the boiler meant that the water temperature in the radiators had to be kept low in order to provide ‘heat’ all day without having to ‘boost’ the boiler with expensive day rate electricity. As a result of our regime our heating costs were low albeit that the house was cold! We provided additional heating to our lounge by the use of a coal/wood burning stove which since one of us retired was in use all day.

We discussed at length our heating requirement with Eco Installer following an EPC assessment and considered all the options available that would qualify us for the finance available through the Green Deal’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). As a result of those discussions and considering the benefits and financial considerations of replacing our existing system we decided to place an order for a biomass boiler fuelled by wood pellets.

Eco Installer recommended a Warmflow which has been designed to stand outside without the need for a covered area to house the boiler. The installation was completed in a week as planned; we are looking forward to warm house this winter! We have had already seen benefits gained through the system being ‘pressurised’ resulting in a significant increase in pressure in the hot water system seen in our showers and hot water taps.

We have taken delivery of a pallet of bagged wood pellets by a supplier who was able to offload next to our covered storage area so we are all set for the winter.”

Andrew & Kathryn Lampert

Solar for School


Solar for School

Your school can now choose ‘green’ solar power and reduce electricity costs, whilst lowering its carbon footprint.

As energy prices continue to increase annually, Renewable energy is on the rise. Every school has the potential to generate its own energy. As most schools have a large roof, solar panels are the ideal choice. For those that really want to be green there are other alternatives such as Biomass Boilers or Air Source Heat Pumps.

The benefits of having Solar Panels installed:

Reduced energy bills – Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels will reduce your schools electricity bills, allowing you to spend more money on education and resources. Solar Panels can generate electricity for decades offering substantial savings.

Revenue generations – The Government introduced the Feed-In Tariff (FiT) which allows schools to receive a fixed income for electricity generated annually and for any unused electricity exported back to the grid. Schools can enjoy a steady income over a 20 year period with Solar PV. As an example, most schools can accommodate a 25kW Solar PV system, which could generate an annual income of £3,435 at the current tariff rates. (Please check the OFGEM website for current FiT’s.)

Reducing CO2 emissions – Solar PV will significantly reduce your school’s CO2 footprint by several tonnes, each and every year.

Education and engagement – What better way is there to show pupils the benefits of renewable technologies than taking action and demonstrating the benefits though a working example. This will create direct engagement and will also inspire the local community to take action to address climate change.

Replacement boilers for schools – Kitchen areas often have excess heat that is extracted mechanically; this could be re-used by a heat pump to give ‘free’ hot water for cleaning, cooking etc. Ageing boilers become expensive to run and maintain; upgrading to a Heat Pump or a Biomass Boiler can reduce emissions and fuel bills whist also providing a welcome income from the Renewable Heat Incentive.  Please contact us on 01353 669000 for more information.

Eco Installer, Cambridgeshire’s Local ‘Solar for School’ Installer

Eco Installer, based in Ely, Cambridgeshire is your local recommended Solar and Renewable Heating Installers with extensive knowledge and experience.  We carry out Solar installations throughout Cambridgeshire and the adjoining areas including, Witchford, Kings Lynn, Huntingdon, Royston, Saffron Walden, Cambridge, Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds.

If you would like more information on having Solar Panels installed on your school’s, please feel free to email or call our office at Sutton near Ely, and speak to Roly or Mike who will be happy to advise you.

Email:   Telephone: 01353 669 000  

For more information on Solar installations please click here.

Action on energy


Action on energy

Eco Installer are delighted to be working with our local Councils, helping home owners and Land Lords take control of rising energy costs.

Action on energy

Cambridgeshire County Council is working closely with the Government to provide funding to help make properties warmer and more comfortable:

Home Owner:

You could get up to £6,000 of Government funding to improve your home with solid wall insulation.

If your home was built before 1930, it will most likely have solid external walls with no cavity meaning up to 45% of your home’s heat can escape from your home through the walls.

For homes with solid walls there is an ideal solution that can be applied simply and effectively to the outside or inside of your walls.

Find out more by visiting

Make you rented property warmer and more comfortable:

Grants of up to £8,000 are available to make energy saving improvements to rented properties making them more desirable to tenants.

Find out more by visiting

Green Deal Assessment:

A Green Deal Assessment is the first step in making money-saving energy saving improvements to your home. It is designed to help you understand how energy efficient your home is, assess how you and the people living there use energy and recommend which energy saving improvements your home could benefit from.

The assessment can only be carried out by an approved Green Deal Assessor. Action on Energy are working with Climate Energy, a fully approved Green Deal Provider, Assessor and Installer.

A representative from Action on Energy will always pre-book your assessment with you at least 24 hours in advance. Through the Action on Energy Scheme, a standard assessment will cost £99 (+VAT) or if you have a solid wall property this cost is reduced to £29 inc VAT. The cost of the assessment is refundable if you go ahead and install any of the recommended energy saving improvements through the Action on Energy scheme.

Find out more by visiting

Applying for a Solar Installation


Applying for a Solar Installation

Planning Permission

Planning permission is not usually required for the installation of a solar panel system on the roof of a property or as a small (approximately 6 panels in total) stand-alone installation.  Please refer to the East Cambridgeshire District Council ‘Planning for Renewable Energy’ document for more information.(ECDC Planning permission for Solar)

UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks provides the information for power in all the homes and businesses in our area (please see print out of map). Currently UK Power Networks have limited single phase installations to G83 or 3.67kW per phase. This is due to grid capacity at Burwell Main Grid, and there is no date forecast for when this will change. Because of the amount of solar farms local to us, a limit of a 4kW solar installation has been set. 4kW is certainly adequate to produce 70-80% of a family home needs. If you wish to generate in excess of this please ask a member of our team for information on G59 3 phase installations.

Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

MCS is a mark of quality and demonstrates compliance to industry standards. Property owners need to use a MCS approved installer to enable them to apply for the Government incentive the ‘Feed-in Tariff’ (Fit). Eco Installer are MCS approved having held the qualification since 2011, ensuring all our solar installations meet the high standards set. For more information please visit

Eco Installer – Cambridgeshire’s local Solar Installer 

Our team are delighted to provide free advice, designs and no-obligation quotes. To book an appointment please call 01353 669000.

4kW Solar Panel Installation, Mepal


4kW Solar Panel Installation, Mepal

Spring 2015

4kW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels

Payback period:
7 years

Project details:
Existing customers Andrew and Kathryn gave us a call to find out the suitability of a solar Photovoltaic (PV) installation on the roof of their garage. Roly visited the property in Mepal, Cambridgeshire to carry out a site survey and went though the different options available.

Upon arriving at the family home, Andrew explained that Kathryn wasn’t fond of a solar installation but was happy to explore different ideas. Roly questioned the possibility of installing a solar array on the roof of the bungalow which had a larger space and was more south facing than the garage. The more south facing the panels are, the more renewable electricity produced.

Roly explained that the solar panels can be installed on top of the roof titles as traditionally seen or installed ‘in-roof’. In-roof systems are becoming increasingly popular on new builds but they are just as suitable for retrofit installations. In-roof panels are designed to fit seamlessly into a roof like normal roof tiles. Unlike conventional PV panels, the tiles form part of the roof itself. Kathryn and Andrew liked the in-roof option and were keen to explore this further.

Following the site visit, Roly sent Kathryn and Andrew a design and quote for an in-roof solar system using Sunsolar Black Mono Crystalline Panels which carry a 25 Year Manufacturers product warranty and a 25 Year Linear performance guarantee. Kathryn and Andrew were pleased with the information received and were happy to place an order with us.

Our Engineers removed approximately 1,200 tiles to make room for the solar panels, the installation took our engineers just four days to install. Following the installation Mike, our in house electrician installed a Solar iBoost which diverts spare energy from the PV array into domestic hot water for further savings.

Kathryn and Andrew are delighted with their Solar PV installation, the panels fit in really well and look almost like Velux windows.


“We wanted to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and as The Barn was only on mains electricity we thought that we should look into the feasibility of installing Solar Panels. We called into Eco Installers’ showroom in Sutton, Ely to just make initial enquires with a local installer who we have used for other smaller work. We had a quote from a national installer and had used the government backed web sites to determine possible costs and payback periods.

Whilst discussing the system I (Kathryn) did have to confess that I really did not like the majority of solar panels I have seen on roofs and did not want them on the house roof but would agree to them on the garage.

When in the showroom, Roly pointed out that the table we were sitting at was made from a Solar PV panel and this did not look at all like the ones I was talking about but was a black panel which did look much better than others that I had seen. I also did not like the panels sitting on the tiles of the roof but it was explained that it was possible to position panels recessed into the roof, by removing the tiles and fixing trays onto the rafters and then the panels would fit in the trays. I was feeling a bit happier so Andrew and I arranged for a home visit.

It soon became apparent that the garage was not ideal position or construction and would require the cables from the solar panels to be put in a trench to connect to the grid at the electricity meter in The Barn. That would involve a significant increase in the installation cost. We asked for a quotation for installing the panels on the garage and on the main roof with the panels recessed.

We appreciated the advice given by Roly and Mike and their patience shown while we came to an acceptable solution. In the end we agreed that the best option was to fit the panels to the main roof with all 16 panels fitted in portrait orientation and in a single string.

Installation went ahead as planned but was interrupted by high winds, the team worked well together and completed in good time. We give special mention of how well that was done, thanks.

As I hope you can tell we are very pleased with the system we have had installed by Eco Installer. I think we all agree the Solar installation actually adds to the appearance of The Barn.”

Andrew & Kathryn

Ventive – Breathing Fresh Air back in to Your Home


Ventive – Breathing Fresh Air back in to Your Home

Ventive – Breathing Fresh Air back in to Your Home   

Mould problems? Stale air? Condensation? Family members showing signs of eczema and asthma? Concerned about Dust mites?

Poor ventilation could be a cause for all of these.

Many customers ask us for a solution to these problems, in the past we didn’t have a solution but now we do:

‘Ventive Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery (PVHR)’

PVHR prevents the occurrence of condensation and mould in homes and commercial properties, keeping the indoor air free of pollutants such as carbon dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) and excess humidity. The system brings fresh filtered air in to the property; it’s like a Brita water filter but for the air with the added benefit of heat recovery.

It’s an easy installation and the price starts from as little as £499.00 (plus access and installation), a small price to pay to ensure the health and wellbeing of your family or staff.

Who is the Ventive system suitable for?

Ventive’s PVHR system is perfect for domestic properties, both privately owned or rented, it is also tremendously beneficial for schools, hospitals, sports facilities and a wide range of commercial buildings.

The system can be retrofitted or included in the design of new build projects.

How does the Ventive system work?

The Ventive PVHR system is driven by two natural forces, air buoyancy and wind (active from very low wind speeds) to create a flow of air within the interior of the building, ensuring greater than minimum standards of air quality are achieved and maintained.

Natural air rises through the PVHR vent, the heat is then collected by the highly efficiency heat exchange and then simply returned back into the property at low level recovering up to 95% of the heat (please see below image). This is achieved passively without the use of electricity.


Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery for Existing Properties

The simple system can easily be integrated in existing buildings.

The ‘Ventive S’ single PVHR unit is retrofitted into existing chimney stacks, replacing the chimney pot with a cowl and cassette that features an innovative, patented and incredibly efficient heat exchanger. This system takes approximately half a day per unit to install, depending on site conditions and access.

The ‘Ventive S+’ can be retrofitted without a chimney being present within the building. Utilising an integrated duct system, Ventive S+ fits neatly between rafters and seals to the existing roof finish, allowing easy installation of multiple or single units. This system takes approximately 1 day per unit to install, depending on complexity.

Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery for New Developments

The PVHR system is also ideal for new builds. Property designs are becoming greener with energy efficiency in mind. Insulation is a high property when planning a new home, new developments are being built so air-tight and ventilation is often an afterthought.

The ‘Ventive F’ system is whole house Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery solution. The Ventive F naturally removes stale aim and VOCs from every room and supplies fresh, pre-warmed air into the house.

All Ventive systems are designed for continuous twenty-four hour ventilation, for the supply of fresh air and the extraction of stale air independently, into and from each area of the home.

PVHR Maintenance:

Minimal maintenance is required as the Ventive system has no moving parts . A quick dust of the grills every month and the maintenance is complete.

The Ventive solution to condensation and dampness

Ventive’s passive ventilation with heat recovery unit is designed to provide a property with all the fresh air that’s needed at home with zero running costs and virtually no heat loss.

With the Ventive system you can have both an energy efficient and healthy home that breathes naturally. Once the system is installed you can be reassured that you will be breathing pre warmed fresh filtered air all day long.

What does a typical PVHR installation look like?

Ventive-Kitchen-Eco-Installer-Cambridge Ventive-bathroom-Eco-Installer-Cambs

The above images are of a recent PVHR installation. Can you spot the discrete grills?

Is a Ventive PVHR solution right for your property?

Yes it probably is! To find out more give our friendly team based in Ely, Cambridgeshire a call on 01353 669000 and take advantage of free expert guidance.  We are offering free site surveys to home and business owners that are looking to improve the air quality of their premises.

Ventive Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery products

We have a sample of the PVHR products in our showroom, to make an appointment to view the products and to find out more, give us a call on 01353 669000 or e-mail

Our Ventilation with Heat Recovery services are offered to the Ramsey, Kings Lynn, Newmarket, Saffron Walden, Royston and Huntingdon and neighbouring towns and villages.

To find out more about Ventive please click here to watch a recent video. 

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