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Renewable Heat Incentive is Live


Renewable Heat Incentive is Live

On the morning of 9th April 2014, Greg Barker (Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change) announced the long-awaited launch of the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

Greg Barker, the climate minister, said: “This is the first scheme of its kind in the world – showing yet again that the UK is leading the way in the clean energy sector. Not only will people have warmer homes and cheaper fuel bills, they will reduce their carbon emissions, and will also get cash payments for installing these new technologies. It opens up a market for the supply chain, engineers and installers – generating growth and supporting jobs as part of our long-term economic plan.”


- Available to home-owners, private landlords and self-builders
- Not available for new builds or third party owners
- Both installer and renewable technologies must be MCS certified
- All equipment must be new at point of commissioning
- System(s) must have been installed on or after 15th July 2009
- Any system installed on or after domestic RHI launch date must be applied for within 12 months of commissioning.

Applying for the Renewable Heat Incentive:

For those already utilising renewable energy, the application form is now live on Ofgem’s website. For those who are in the process of installing or are considering a renewable installation, you can find further guidance and application requirements here.

The tariffs announced are:

- Air Source Heat Pumps 7.3p/kWh
- Biomass Boilers and Biomass Pellet Stoves with back burner 12.2p/kWh
- Ground and Water-source Heat Pumps 18.8p/kWh and
- Solar Thermal technologies 19.2p/kWh

Ely’s Renewable Heating and Plumbing Specialists:

The Department of Energy and Climate Change stated “Installers and product must be MCS certified and meet relevant required standards and installers must be members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC).”

Eco Installer, based in Sutton, Ely, Cambridge are your local qualified Renewable Heating Installers with 3 years extensive knowledge and experience. Please visit our website for case studies, give our friendly team a call on 01353 669000 or view the Ofgem Website for information on the application process.

RHI Legacy Applicants


RHI Legacy Applicants

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has launched! 

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a Government scheme providing tax-free and index-linked payments for the use of non-fossil fuels. The RHI launched 9th April 2014 and Eco Installer are here to help you.

Renewable heating systems installed before the launch of the Domestic RHI:

Lots of our customers have already had their renewable heating system installed in preparation of the RHI launch which makes them a ‘legacy applicant’.

There are two types of a legacy applicant:

-          People who funded the cost of their renewable heating systems by personal methods

-          People who received the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP), a one-off grant designed to help towards the costs of installing a renewable system

If you received the RHPP, this payment will be deducted evenly from the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive payment over the lifetime of the scheme.

When to apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive?

To receive the RHI payment, all legacy applicants must apply within the first 12 months of the launch of the scheme.  If you have received the RHPP, you need to apply for the RHI as follows:

-          If you applied for the RHPP before 20th May 2013, you can apply three months after the scheme opens

-          If you applied for the RHPP on or after the 20th May 2013, you can apply six months after the scheme opens

-          If you did not apply for the RHPP or you received the vouchers but did not use them, you can apply at the launch of the scheme.

As a note, if the Government has to reduce tariffs due to the high uptake, your payment will not be affected.

Green Deal Assessment:

A Green Deal Assessment is required before applying for the RHI and the report number will be required as part of the application process. If your Green Deal report makes recommendations such as loft insulation, this should be completed and a follow-up Energy Performance Certificate should be completed before applying for the domestic RHI. If the recommendation is not possible, applicants can still apply for RHI.

Special Provisions for legacy applicants:

-          MCS standards change yearly, your renewable system only needs to meet the standards set on the date your system was commissioned

Do you need metering for the Renewable Heat Incentive?

No you don’t need metering:

-          If you have Solar thermal for heating domestic water

-          If you live in the same home all year round and have one renewable heating technology supplying the whole house

-          If you have a back-up heating system installed to heat a single room, such as open fire or plug-in electric heater

Yes you do need metering:

-          If you do not live in your property permanently

-          If you have a back-up heating system installed (such as biomass boiler with a oil boiler)

-          If you have more than one renewable heating source for space heating

Our MCS qualified team based in Ely, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire are able to give you more information and answer questions regarding the RHI, Renewable Energy and general Plumbing and Heating.

Please explore our website for more information or give our friendly team a call on 01353 669000.

MCZ Wood Pellet Boiler Installation


MCZ Wood Pellet Boiler Installation

Spring 2014

Project Details:
Installation of an MCZ Hydro Wood Pellet Biomass Boiler

Size of installation:

System replaced:

Amy from Stilton in Peterborough contacted us to discuss renewable heating for her family home. Our HETAS approved engineers Roly and Will visited the house which is a listed building and went though the different options available to reduce the family’s energy bills. Amy decided on a hand-fed MCZ Hydro Wood Pellet Boiler which would provide the family with heating and hot water.

With the MCZ Pellet Boiler, we expect Amy to make a yearly saving of £280 on her energy bills and reduce the family’s carbon dioxide levels by 4 ton a year.

The MCZ Pellet Boiler is MCS approved which means on top of Amy’s yearly savings she will also be able to receive the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, providing her with a tax-free index linked income for every kW of renewable energy she produces. (For more information on the Renewable Heat Incentive, please click here.)

We have the MCZ Hydro Wood Pellet Biomass Boiler in our showroom in Sutton, Ely, please come in and have a look, we are sure you will be impressed.

“We were very impressed with their professional approach, they demonstrated products at their office in the village and though they was not the cheapest they were far from the most expensive”

3.6kW Solar PV Panel Installation


3.6kW Solar PV Panel Installation

Summer 2012

Project Details:
3.6kW – 18 Solar (PV) Panel Installation for electricity

Roof facing direction:

Sutton, Ely, Cambridgeshire

We were contacted by Mike to discuss installing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels on his home to reduce his electricity bills. Mike lives in a 3 bedroom house and understood the benefits of Solar panels. Our BPEC approved Managing Director Roly Gurner, carried out a site survey to discover how many panels would fit on the roof and to evaluate how many ‘kWh’ the system would produce. We used Sun Rise Solar panels as they have a fantastic reputation of performance and warranty. The install was completed in just two days.

“I was delighted with the service received by Eco Installer. The team had lots of knowledge with Solar panel installations and was able to explain the Feed-In tariff simply. I am pleased with the savings I am making from my investment and would certainly recommend having solar panels installed. Eco Installer made sure there was no hassle when applying for the Feed-In tariff and guided me through the simple process.”

Applying for the Feed-In tariff:
Once your install is completed, Eco Installer will provide you with a handover pack which includes an MCS certificate. This information is required when filling out the application forms which are easily downloaded from your energy supplier’s website (e.g. Npower or Eon). Once your energy company has received the application, they will send you e-mail confirmation. Your energy company will process the paperwork and send you the paperwork back confirming payments. You will receive payments quarterly for a 20 year period.

As an example of the repayments Mike is receiving from his investment:

Estimated annual system – 3050 kWh


Feed in Tariff

B. Exported to grid

C. Electricity Savings

D. Estimated annual total system benefit (A+B+C)  

Payback period
4.8 years

RHI – The Launch


RHI – The Launch

Renewable Heat Incentive is here

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government scheme providing tax-free and index-linked payments for the use of non-fossil fuels. The non-domestic RHI launched in 2011 providing payments to businesses and public sector organisations. With the success of the Commercial RHI, domestic users have been eagerly waiting the launch of the domestic RHI.

Greg Barker (Minister of State at the Department of Energy & Climate Change) has tweeted “Excellent progress on domestic #RHI All set now for launch by Easter.” After a 3 year wait for the announcement of the Renewable Heating Incentive launch date, Legacy applicants and Renewable Heating Companies are delighted by the confirmation.

Eco Installer has been installing Renewable Heating technologies for their growing clientèle of environmentally and economically aware customers in anticipation for the launch of the RHI.

Company Managing Director Roland Gurner said “the domestic RHI scheme is fantastic news for home owners looking to replace their current heating system with a MCS approved renewable heat technology”.

“Renewable heating systems will reduce customers heating bills and the RHI will enable customers to see a quick return on their investment.”

A Biomass Wood-pellet Boiler or an Air Source Heat Pump is the perfect upgrade from LPG, Oil and electric heating, providing lower running costs and a future proof heating system. Renewable systems are easy to operate and can be connected to virtually any existing heating system.

With energy prices rising year on year, now is the time to upgrade to renewable energy.

The tariffs are:

- air source heat pumps 7.3p/kWh
- biomass boilers and biomass pellet stoves with back burner 12.2p/kWh
- ground and water source heat pumps 18.8p/kWh and
- solar thermal technologies 19.2p/kWh
- If you opt for a metering and monitoring package, you will receive and additional payment of £230 per year for heat pumps, £200 per year for biomass.

Eco Installers Renewable Heating Specialists, based in Ely, Cambridgeshire are able to give you advice, demonstrate savings available and the return you could receive through the investment of a renewable heating installation.

Give the team a call today on 01353 669 000 to find out how you can turn your heating bills in to a heating income with the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Eco Installer Expands


Eco Installer Expands

Further expansion at Cambridgeshire Renewable Energy and Heating Professionals

Having quickly become established as one of the region’s leading providers of plumbing, heating and renewable energy services in the short three years since its founding, Eco Installer of Ely is once again expanding with the appointment of two new directors.

Mike Himpett has been appointed director of electrical installations, while Tom Parish has been appointed director of plumbing and heating.

A former member of the Fire Service, Mike Himpett brings 18 years of electrical works experience to the company, together with his two years working as a sub-contractor on solar panel and air source heat pump installations for the company.

Having run his own successful plumbing company for many years, the last two as a contractor for Eco Installer, Tom Parish joins Eco as their 6th director.

Company managing director Roland Gurner said:

“We are delighted with the professional expertise Mike and Tom have brought to the company over the past couple of years, and are proud that having got to know the quality of their work as members of our team, we could appoint them as directors from within.

“The first quarter of 2014 has proven a very exciting time for us; as well as increasing our original team of 5 – not forgetting Casper the Eco dog – to a team of 11.

“We have noticed that we are beginning to work on increasingly larger projects and now have two apprentices assisting Tom while at the same time learning their trade.”

Working from a low-carbon office and showroom in Sutton near Ely, Eco Installer help reduce clients’ energy bills through the provision of future-proof renewable heating technologies, air source heat pumps, and solar panels to accredited standards.

In the few years since their founding, Eco Installer have quickly established their expertise in the installation of Biomass boilers as the ideal green answer to more traditional oil and LPG heating systems. These boiler types are recognised as reducing both running costs and COemissions.

However, those with traditional oil and LPG boiler requirements will also be able to utilise the Eco Installer service to not only maintain their existing systems but also for the installation of new age high efficiency boilers from market-leading-manufacturers such as Vaillant, Ideal, Worcester and Firebird. These boilers can increase the efficiency of existing heating systems from 65% to 95%.

For further information, please contact 01353 669000 or email the team on

Recent case studies can be reviewed at

The Solar iBoost


The Solar iBoost

The Solar iBoost – Heating your hot water for free

If your Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system is exporting surplus power to the grid, a Solar iBoost can be used to divert this energy to heat your hot water for FREE. The intelligent wireless system adjusts its power control with the varying household consumption ensuring only excess PV power is being diverted to heat your hot water.

Eco Installer, based in Ely, Cambridgeshire recommend the use of a Solar Immersion Controller such as the iBoost to further reduce your energy bills. Many of our Solar PV customers local to Ramsey, Kings Lynn, Newmarket, Saffron Walden, Royston and Huntingdon are delighted with the results.

The system is quick and easy to install:

Solar iBoost, heating water for free, Ely, Cambridgeshire

We have the iBoost in our demo office in Sutton, come and visit us, we can answer any of your questions regarding Solar Panels, Renewable Energy and general Plumbing and Heating.

For Solar Panel case studies please click here.

“Eco Installer installed the solar iBoost for me after I had solar panels installed on the roof of my home in Ely. The install was quick and I am delighted to receive further savings…” (Mr. Greenwood)

For more information please give our team a call on 01353 669000 or visit

‘C21e’ Solar Tiles


‘C21e’ Solar Tiles

Solarcentury are suppliers of the elegant ‘C21e’ solar tiles which have been designed to fit seamlessly into a roof like normal roof tiles. Unlike conventional PV panels that sit on top of the roof, C21e tiles form part of the roof itself. This system is ideal for new builds and re-roofing projects that value the aesthetics of the roof. C21e tiles can also help with Planning Permission as a lower profile can be achieved. Incorporating solar in this way preserves the look of the roof and enables it to work in harmony with the surrounding area.

Solar PV V Solar tile

From April 2014, the Feed-in-Tariff will only be available for solar systems that meet the new rigorous demands of MCS, and the C21e tiles have received this certification.

The subtle C21e solar tiles are highly compatible and will fit a wide range of roofs (image right). This economical system has been designed to enable more solar on your roof for maximum output.

Along with the other benefits already mentioned, when having the C21e system installed you call feel reassured with a 25-year power warranty and 10-year performance guarantee.

The image above shows the the size and shape difference of a C21e solar panel (bottom) and a solar PV panel (top).

For more information, please give us a call on 01353 669000, visit our Solar Installations page or visit the Solarcentury’s website:

Opti-myst Electric Stove


Opti-myst Electric Stove

There’s nothing quite like a fire to bring comfort and cosiness in to your home. The Dimplex Auberry stove incorporates ‘the world’s most realistic electric flame and smoke effect’ without the mess of a real open fire. Looking deceptively real, the Opti-myst fire will captivate you from the moment it is switched on.

The Auberry comes in a cream-white, gloss enamel-style finish which creates a homely feeling and a focal point. The 2kW fan heater has a choice of heating options which can be easily adjusted with a remote control. The stove is easy and quick to install, all that is required is lifting it out of the box, filling the water unit as instructed and turning on.

This stove is efficient from the moment it is switched on so no heat is wasted. The doors can be left opened for added authenticity and if the room doesn’t require heating, you can still use the flame effect independently of the heat.

We currently have the Auberry stove in our Demo room in Sutton, Ely. Pop in and have a look or give us a call on 01353 669000 for more information.

Visit our services page for more information on stove installations, or visit our products page to explore different designs and solutions.

Apprenticeship week


Apprenticeship week

National Apprenticeship week is taking place from 3rd – 7th March 2014

Two apprentices are quickly learning the skills of the renewable energy industry thanks to a special partnership.

Heating, plumbing and renewable energy specialists, Eco Installer, based in Sutton, is signed up to the Cambridge Regional College Apprenticeship Scheme and currently has two apprentices in its team.

Liam Roberts joined the team in 2013 and works with the firm four days a week. Jack Minett joined in 2012 and can already complete installs by himself.

This week is National Apprenticeship Week (March 3-7) and Roland Gurner, the firm’s managing director, is urging more businesses in the Ely area to taken on apprentices.

He said: “We are delighted to be part of the Cambridge Regional College Apprenticeship Scheme and promoting the benefits of National Apprenticeship Week.

“We have two apprentices in our team who are actively working on our traditional and renewable heating projects.

“From assisting with the installation of a condensing boiler to the latest renewable systems such as Biomass, our apprentices understand the benefits of each technology and the difference they can make to the environment.

“Four of our directors are successful entrepreneurs today because of the training and nurturing they received during their time in the scheme years ago and in just three years of operation, we are delighted to be in the position to help develop local talent.”

For information about the apprenticeship scheme, visit


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